Social Responsibility Policies

Social Responsibility Policies Social Responsibility Policies
Luks Velvet, as part of its core values and principles, considers acting as a social responsibility in all its activities as one of the fundamental and unchangeable elements of management understanding. In this context, we expect them to manage their economic, social and environmental impacts in a responsible manner and to prioritize development of society. We determine our social responsibility understanding and priorities in this regard by taking into consideration the best for society and environment. We take care to play a leading role in the protection of democracy, human rights and the environment.

Our Basic Principles:

  • We are aware of our responsibility towards society. In all areas in which we operate, in relations with society; accuracy and reliability is our basic principle,
  • We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment. We support the collection and utilization of recyclable wastes and contribute to the protection of the environment and the efficient use of natural resources,
  • Tax against the state etc. we fulfill our other responsibilities in a timely, correct and transparent manner,
  • We support education, culture, arts, science, sports and health activities that play a role in improving the quality of life with the participation of our employees and contribute to the awareness of the society,
  • We share our knowledge and experience with various segments of the society,
  • Within the scope of social responsibility, we give priority to non-governmental organizations and educational institutions.

Our Target:

  • To create a safe, healthy and preferred workplace atmosphere,
  • To respect and create value for our employees, customers, partners and suppliers,
  • To give necessary information to our customers and the society about the products and services,
  • To be sensitive to the environment and electronic waste and so on. to support the disposal of waste,
  • Acting with the idea that we build our future,
  • Doing business within the framework of laws and regulations,
  • Acting on the principle of equal opportunity da in all matters related to business life,
  • To contribute to the individual and group development of our stakeholders and families through various learning activities, activities and programs.