Ethics Applications

Ethics Applications Ethics Applications

1. Purpose

As Luks Velvet, our business ethics policy aims to put forward issues such as honesty, confidentiality, conflict of interest, the creation and maintenance of a fair working environment, and how to behave in relation to accepting and giving gifts.

2. Scope

This policy covers all of the employees of Luxury Velvet.

3. Application

a. Honesty

In all of Luks Velvet’s business processes and relationships, accuracy and honesty are the priorities. It acts with integrity and honesty in its relations with employees and all stakeholders.

b. Privacy

Confidential and private information; It includes trade secrets, financial and other information, personnel personal rights information, and confidentiality agreements with third parties that may cause competitive disadvantage. The confidentiality clause is also covered by the Luks Velvet Information Security Management System. As Luks Velvet employees; we take care to protect the private information of our employees and customers. We protect the confidential information of our company and use it only for the purposes of Luks Velvet. It is unacceptable to obtain any commercial interest through the leakage of any confidential information. While leaving our company, we do not use confidential information and documents and projects that we have due to our duties in order to give advantage to ourselves or to our competitors in the future. In addition, additional information on the subject is included in the Luks Velvet Information Security Policy.