Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process Recruitment Process

In our recruitment process, it is aimed to select and place the most suitable candidates who will carry our company to the future, who have corporate values, and who are most suitable for the job.

In this way, we believe that a long-term, efficient and effective working life will be created.

It is carried out with the right human perspective, and our main objective is to recruit employees who are most appropriate to the task and working principles and who are willing to create added value for our company in the long term.

The recruitment process is planned every year in line with company development and organizational needs. In line with the related planning, the process of publishing the announcements is completed on the job descriptions and competencies related to the position in cooperation with the departments.

Our recruitment process starts with the evaluation of the applications submitted to our company. Candidates who meet the criteria determined after the pre-selection will be invited to job interviews. Candidates who are invited to the interview are evaluated according to their competence and experience if necessary for the relevant position.

The relevant process is supported by different measurement and evaluation tools in line with the needs. The process is completed with the appropriate candidate.

In LUKS VELVET, where every employee is considered worth, all our candidates are equally valuable to us.