Energy Policy

Energy Policy Energy Policy

Our company;

  • To set targets in line with the policy by our management, with the participation of our employees, to create actions to achieve these targets and to provide the necessary resources,
  • To follow all laws and regulations related to energy and to fulfill their requirements,
  • Establishing effective communication with all stakeholders in order to create common value and beneficial results on Energy Management issues,
  • Using appropriate resources and technologies to keep energy under control,
  • Increasing energy performance values ​​including energy efficiency and density in all processes,
  • To ensure the efficient use of natural resources and energy, to increase the share of renewable energy sources in energy use,
  • To reduce energy consumption, to make improvements for continuous improvement in energy efficiency, to follow their implementation and results,
  • To use energy-efficient products to improve energy performance, to purchase services and to ensure that relevant design studies are carried out or supplied,
  • To continuously improve, document, announce to all units, review and update our Energy Management System,
  • Contribute to the training of all our employees on energy sensitivity, as well as to raise the awareness of our suppliers, subcontractors, visitors and the local community,
  • Continuing our work for mutual benefits in cooperation with our stakeholders, suppliers, subcontractors and all employees,
  • Our senior management is committed to providing all information and resources in order to achieve energy goals and objectives.