Information Security Policy

Information Security Policy Information Security Policy

As Luks Velvet , we establish and maintain the necessary systems in order to ensure the current use, protection and management of insider information recorded. We protect the confidentiality integrity of the employees within the framework of the rights and freedoms of individuals. Employees take personal responsibility to ensure that critical information is not illegally shared for company strategy and reputation.

Our Aim:

  • To ensure compliance of the company and its employees by following the new technologies related to information security,
  • To create information security awareness in people,
  • To improve the infrastructure continuously with the necessary investments and to provide user convenience.

For this purposes:

  • To increase information sharing by creating information in the company with participation,
  • Fulfill all relevant legislation and agreements,
  • Establishing an easily accessible, continuously updated information recording system,
  • Storing and securing information under appropriate conditions,
  • To manage a solid based relationship with all our stakeholders,
  • To be a corporate culture that supports continuous improvement and development,
  • We undertake to reconstruct systems, processes and communication channels in line with the needs.