HR Policy

HR Policy HR Policy

Individual and Organizational Development

In order to ensure the continuity of the success of our company, the Human Resources Department has the priority to develop and strengthen the employees and the organization, to increase the performance-oriented, highly qualified and multi-skilled employees.
For this purpose, various training and development activities in the required fields and subjects start with recruitment. That work continues throughout the life.

Orientation Trainings

Orientation programs are conducted to help new employees understand company rules and policies and to facilitate their compliance with the company.

While the first days of the company are effective in terms of first impression in the short term, strengthening and solidification of ties with the company, and feeling “close ve and seeing oneself as a part of the organization, it significantly affects employee loyalty, job motivation and decision to continue working in the company. In order to contribute to the recruitment of new employees, the Department has an Orientation Specialist (CSF) application.
CSF’s introduce the new employee to the processes in the department, accompany them during their time and provide the support they need.

Performance Management

Reducing the Company ' s long-term strategies and targets to operations and monitoring performance is achieved through the scorecard approach. With the scorecard approach, company goals, function goals and department targets are followed. With the individual performance management implemented, department targets are reduced to individual targets, employees are evaluated through accurate and objective criteria, and they are motivated to produce results and a culture of continuous development is established.
Due to the variability of business outcomes expected from different positions;
To ensure continuous development and improvement by meeting all legal generalities and customer requirements related to environmental dimensions. To ensure the protection of natural resources by reducing the use of raw materials by using appropriate technologies that harm the environment at least within the framework of technical and economic opportunities.